5 Basic Principles, Breathing

Why are the 5 Basic Principles so important? Let's discussion Basic Principle #1 Breathing.

Why is Breathing so important? Well, without it we die, but there are many other benefits to a solid inhale and exhale....

Breathing promotes relaxation, encourages concentration, help to achieve dynamic stability during exercise, relieve tension in the neck and shoulders (which is a common problem for many people), encourage engagement of the deep stabilizers of the torso (transversus, obliques, pelvic floor, and the multifidus).

Another important thing about breathing is you are bringing oxygen into the body. This is how you feed your local and global stabilizing muscles. Without them you put yourself at risk for injury and reduce your performance levels.

Why is it so important to breath deeply? With correct breathing over a period of time you will improved flow characteristics of the blood, increase of active surface area, and improved oxygenation. With poor breathing you have increased blood viscosity, reduction of the surface area and an oxygen deficit.

We can go 40 days without food, 7 days without water, but only 5 minutes without oxygen

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