No Bike Lane Necessary

Forget clawing to the top. Sweat, sprint and climb your way to a peak cardio performance.

It's winter and cycling's off-season. Bike lanes may be closed, but that's ok. Real Ryder cycling burns 20 percent more calories than conventional indoor cycling and increases upper body as well as core strength. Athletes and trainers believe this is an close to the real outdoor ride you can get in a studio, and you don't have to risk your life in the bike lane getting there.

The draw of the Real Ryder? It's all in the LEAN. You can steer and tilt the bike from side to side, all the while clenching abdominals and perfecting balance. the intensity of your to-and-fro movements are up to you, and so is the incline. A resistance knob controls the level of your climbs and down-hills making this workout completely custom. You don't have to be a cyclist to master this ride, but the pros (yes, the pros train on Real Ryder bikes) will tell you- don't try to control the bike, let it move beneath you; control your body

Power Pilates Plus offers the only open studio Real Ryder classes in Jacksonville, FL. It's a high intensity, high cardio workout to awesome music and music videos, in a motivating environment. Classes are offered individually, in packages, memberships and as part of PPP's 8 Week Challenge.

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