Shorter and Better

2017’s goals are closer than you think. While most of us make long-term, New Year’s fitness resolutions, we really just want to be our best selves asap. Recent studies show that a shorter, focused training plan has the benefit over long, less intense workouts.

How quickly can we arrive at our peak health? Try 8 weeks! Power Pilates Plus has packaged up strength, cardio and sculpting workouts with a nutrition plan and expertise - it’s a focused, all-encompassing challenge worth doing.

The POWER of the PPP challenge:


2 DAYS OF HIGH INTENSITY CARDIO: Real Ryder Cycling, willPower Method or Power Body Sculpt

7 WEEK MEAL PLAN: Recipes and Nutrition coaching through the Ignite detox plan

Cost: $499 one time payment. Or $250 up front and $250 due on week 4.

This plan offers 21 Pilates classes, 14 cycling and cardio classes along with a workout tracker. We perform 3 body composition evals, 1 at the start, 1 after 4 weeks and 1 upon completion at week 8. We’ll email our food tracker and nutrition expertise weekly.

A complimentary benefit of the 8 week challenge - open cycle. When cycling classes are not in session, we offer free open cycling, where clients can cycle up to 45 minutes on their own.

*Add-ons include: additional or private workout sessions, one-on-one nutrition consultations, postural analysis, strength test analysis and home workout plans.

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