Take a class that really moves you!  It’s time to get “unstationary” with RealRyder® Indoor Cycling!!!

POWER PILATES PLUS INDOOR CYCLING REALLY MOVES YOU!  Our State-of-the-art RealRyder bikes offer an "unstationary" workout that challenges you 20% more than traditional cycling workouts.  While most people experience a learning curve on RealRyder bikes, this cycling workout allows you to steer, tilt and lean, mimicking the out door biking experience

There's  nothing comparable to this indoor ride with an outdoor feel:

  • Burn 20% more calories than standard indoor cycling.

  • Side to side movement that offers an ab clenching, arm engaging workout.

  • Invigorating workout with energetic music, personalized instruction and knob-turning intensity.


See RealRyder® Indoor Cycling for Yourself!

The 60 Minute Ride

The 45 Minute Ride

The 30 Minute Blast (in a combo class)


We’re taking the training wheels off of this one!  After 20 years of indoor cycling-stationary bikes are finally getting a face lift- and the look is RealRyder®!


Our 60, 45, and 30 minute rides burn 20% more calories compared to traditional stationary bikes.  The RealRyder® cycle turns, tilts and leans as you ride, providing the fluid sensation of an outdoor road bike.  As you move through an expanded range of dynamic functional movements, you get a more comprehensive, functional total body workout.  Experience a 5 in 1 workout for the whole body.  Not simply legs and cardio, but also upper body, core muscle groups, stability and balance.


Our Indoor Cycling Classes




Please comply with the following guidelines:

  • In consideration of other members, we ask that you do not save bikes.

  • Indoor Cycling is a high intensity workout that is not recommended for those with heart conditions or women who are pregnant. Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

  • If you are new to Indoor Cycling, please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts and inform the instructor that you are a first-time participant.


What is indoor cycling?


Indoor cycling is an exercise that takes place on a stationary bicycle, usually in group class settings that are set to music and are led by an instructor. The workouts are usually much more intense than a regular exercise bike that you would find at your local gym or health club.


What makes Power Pilates Plus different from other indoor cycling classes at other gyms?


To quote Lance Armstrong, “It's all about the bike."  Power Pilates Plus is the first indoor cycling studio in Jacksonville, FL with the exclusive use of RealRyder bikes. They are the only stationary bikes in the world that move laterally, allowing riders to turn, tilt, lean and bank (lean) into a turn. As a result, the workouts are more dynamic, intense and comprehensive than a traditional indoor cycling bike.


Who can take a cycling class?


Anyone can take can Power Pilates Plus cycling classes! Although our instructors will encourage you to give it your all, the intensity of the workout depends entirely upon the individual ryder. A participant can take it easy or push as hard as possible. Please let your instructor know of any health or fitness issues you may have before class. Also, please consult your physician before taking up any new exercise program.


Will my legs bulk up?


NO! Shaping long lean legs and shredding excess body fat are what Power Pilates Plus rydes deliver. The quick rotations on the bike will make your legs leaner. When you have toned, lean leg muscles, they burn fat even in a relaxed state. Take a look at outdoor professional cyclists’ legs... any more questions?

What should I wear to cycling class?


You can wear your regular gym gear but for maximum comfort, a tight fitting bike short or Capri is recommended. Try to wear a top made with a quick dry fit fabric. You may wear your regular exercise shoes, but we recommend an SPD cleat bike shoe that clips directly into the pedal. If you choose to wear an athletic shoe, flat bottom stiff soled shoes are best, like a traditional tennis shoe. We highly recommend ryding with a heart rate monitor for maximum cardio benefit.


Do I need to bring a towel and water to indoor cycling class?


Yes, please bring your own towel and water. We do have a water fountain on site. 


Also, Power Pilates Plus towels, sports drinks, bottles of water and coconut water will be available for purchase on-site.


Do you have showers?


No we do not have showers.  Sorry.


Why do road and mountain cyclists like the Real Ryder bikes so much?


The RealRyder bike was designed by a devout cyclist who wanted to duplicate the feeling of riding on the road or out in the trails. Cycling is most often seasonal, so cyclists are forced to train indoors on a “trainer” which is usually boring, but the closest thing to an outdoor experience... until now! The RealRyder allows cyclists to train on a bike that simulates a true outdoor ryde and enjoy the benefits of the class experience (more fun, challenging workouts in a high energy atmosphere).

Can I rent Power Pilates Plus space for private group rydes, events or parties?


Probably so- let’s talk…  Inquire at the desk or with your instructor…